Marketing Your Busines–10 Sure-fire, Wild Fire Revenue Building Strategies

Whether you are a new business, an Internet startup or an established company, you will need to market your business and create revenue streams to keep your business alive, healthy and growing.

As a strategic business development expert, PR strategist and brand manager, people sometimes ask me to promote their business through press and PR before they have fully developed revenue streams to ensure its survival.

Here are ten sure-fire ways to market your business, build revenue for your business, and vital tips for growing your business and creating revenue sources.

  1.    You will need several sources of revenue streams. Start by hosting a brainstorming session asking for idea contributions–these can be ways to market and bring revenue to your business based upon bringing new ideas to your mix or expanding upon marketing strategies you already have.
  2.    Get or revamp your website. Add constant and consistent brand building content to the
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