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Homeopathic Remedies For Bad Breath – TOP 5 Best Remedies

Homeopathic Remedies For Bad Breath

While bad breath is not a fatal medical condition, it can do a lot of damage on an individual, particularly in terms of self esteem and reputation. Many products on the market claim to be effective in getting bad mouth odor eliminated, such as gums and mints. But their effectiveness can be questioned, as they only remove the stinky smell for a short duration.

This is one reason why many people will resort to homeopathic remedies for bad breath in the hopes of getting a more effective treatment method for their condition. These remedies are alternative treatment options that are usually more convenient to use, aside from being cheap. They also do not only mask the problem, but work on the actual cause, providing a permanent solution. Most of these remedies are focused on the use of natural elements that have been proven effective in dealing with the root cause of the problem over time, sometimes even centuries.

Sweet Fennel

One of the more common homeopathic remedies is a calming herb called sweet fennel. This herb is proven to be effective in dealing with stomach problems, particularly stomach acid, which can cause bad breath. This is usually caused by disorder in the digestive system such as constipation and difficulty in digesting food. By taking sweet fennel, problems in the stomach will be settled and thus the cause of halitosis will be addressed.

bad breath


Homeopathic Remedies For Bad Breath

Another solution to consider using is silica, also called silicon dioxide. This is a great bad breath secret. This compound naturally occurs in the body and helps in removing toxins. Like other homeopathic remedies for badbreath, silica addresses the root cause by preventing toxins in the body from building up and avoiding the bacteria that causes bad breath. Silica can be purchased at any drug store.

Milk Thistle

Homeopathic Remedies For Bad Breath

Many people are also using milk thistle, which restores the proper functions of the liver. A liver that does not function well can result to the harmful build up of toxins within the body.

Green Tea

Homeopathic Remedies For BadBreath

Drinking green tea is also known to be a natural remedy. Like most homeopathic remedies for bad breath, green tea contains all-natural ingredients particularly polyphenols that neutralizes the buildup of microbes. Black tea can also be taken as it can kills plaque and acids that cause tooth decay.


Homeopathic Remedies For Bad Breath

Sucking on lemons is another natural option. Lemon is not only considered an effective cleaning agent, but also cleanses the breath and freshens the mouth to remove that unwanted odor. Dont use this option too often, as lemons contain sugar, which will kill good bacteria, allowing bad bacteria growth.

It should also be stressed that while these health suggestions can be effective in removing bad breath, good dental hygiene is just as important. Regular flossing and brushing are essential to keeping a bad mouth smell from rearing its ugly head. Loading up on high fiber foods like fruits and vegetables can also help with proper digestion.

It should be noted that the effectiveness of these homeopathic remedies for bad breath can vary from person to person.

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