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Whether you are a new business, an Internet startup or an established company, you will need to market your business and create revenue streams to keep your business alive, healthy and growing.

As a strategic business development expert, PR strategist and brand manager, people sometimes ask me to promote their business through press and PR before they have fully developed revenue streams to ensure its survival.

Here are ten sure-fire ways to market your business, build revenue for your business, and vital tips for growing your business and creating revenue sources.

  1.    You will need several sources of revenue streams. Start by hosting a brainstorming session asking for idea contributions–these can be ways to market and bring revenue to your business based upon bringing new ideas to your mix or expanding upon marketing strategies you already have.
  2.    Get or revamp your website. Add constant and consistent brand building content to the site to make it exciting and to get visitors to tell their friends and return themselves. With Internet 2.0 and all the jazzy add-ons available–make the best use of the web as an interactive tool. Consider adding interactive features, games, polls, quizzes, or virtual assistants that can speak and interact with your visitors in real time.
  3.    Monetize your website. Consider adding products for sale and providing a shopping cart and charge card service (PayPal or the like) to your site. Capture your audience while they are engaged and in a buying mood.
  4.    Join affiliate programs and sign up for ad programs so that others will host ads on your site, Google Adsense is one program, and there are others to explore. Solicit advertising on your site by bringing your site to the attention of advertisers large and widespread as well as local advertisers. Think Disney, current movie and sports tie-ins on down to local festivals and event opportunities.
  5.    Offer a list of products and services related to the core nature of your business and make it searchable by geographic location or zip code. If you host a site about parenting, related products might be hair cutters catering to children, birthday party programs or party products. Offer advertising opportunities on everything you produce and send out.
  6.    Consider having a sign-up service on your site that entitles a basic unpaid membership and an upgraded fee-based membership. Make lists of what you will give for delinquent subscribers and what you will give as incentives and extras to entice upgraded fee-based memberships.
  7.    Provide Extras and Upgrades. Extras can include streaming content through feeds, desktop streams, and podcasts. Improved articles, white papers, research, polls and results, CD?s, books, downloads, products (clothing and merchandise), branded memorabilia, discounts on your products and services and those of others, radio broadcasts captured on tape, expert merchandise and products, coaching, clinics and seminars, discounts on events and promotions, and many, many more.
  8.    Produce and offer regular Promotions. As promoted by marketing guru, Michael Port, always have something to give away as a promotion, and still, be contributing something to your audience.
  9.    Capture your website visitor by using squeeze pages. Offer content on other sites, through articles or small ads and send the visitor to your site, where a squeeze page appears, asks for their address and sign up information before entering the site, downloading information or other resources. Add a tell-a-friend feature to your site as an instant way to send your weblink to a friend.
  10.    Market to your permission-based e-mail list by periodically sending out an enticing e-mail, e-zine, article or newsletter.

Of course this must be supported by a stable internet connection and have a large capacity internet package, and as a big data security that you have back up through Data Recovery Malaysia as minimizing risk. read more about Multi-peering IP Transit here. You will need to market your business and create multiple revenue streams to keep your business alive, healthy and growing. Using these ten ways to sell your business will allow you enough revenue growth to go to the next step of your marketing program: Strategic promotion of your business through PR and the press.

Post Author: Suzannah Hoffman