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Your Web Home: What Does It Say About You?

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Imagine your website as your home. Guests can walk in at any time, judging you based on your daily living conditions. They can walk through your hallways, explore your pictures and knick knacks, and if they find it sanitary, borrow your restroom. There is no time of the day that is off limits to these visitors. They can catch you in the buff getting ready to climb in the shower or they can catch the more intimate moments of your life.
If this were your actual home you would always be on edge, right? You would always be putting things in order, finding a place for stray items, and trying to figure out what these random guests think about you and the way you live. You would essentially be on your best behavior, but with time … Read More

What is SEO and how can it increase your website traffic?

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SEO by definition

SEO is simply an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Optimization in this case means to influence the content of your website online so that a preferred search engine will show the said content as a top result in an online search of selected keywords. Google is the most popular search engine and as result most web searches begin with it as the first step.

There are three parties involved in search engine optimization: the searcher, the search engine and the content creator. SEO therefore compels the content creator to have the search engine provide your content as a top result to the searcher.

According to Google, 67% of clicks from Google searches are from the first five results, it is vital that your results appear in the first page of a search engine results. Rarely do searchers ever get to the second page.

There are two types … Read More