5 Tips to be prepared for an interview

How to Prepare for a Great Job Interview: 8 Practical Tips | Inc.com

There are many stages to getting a job. If you should get an invite for an interview, then it would mean that you are a step closer to getting the job. Your chances would have reduced from probably one out of the hundreds or thousands of people that applied for the job to less than 50 or even 20 that have been invited for the interview. It would be imperative for you to ensure that you are well prepared for the interview so that you do not lose the opportunity by your carelessness. Here are 5 tips to be prepared for the interview.

Go through your CV one more time
When you have gotten an invite for an interview, take the time to read your CV one more time. Be sure that you go through a single word that is written in the CV and that you will be … Read More