5 Tips to be prepared for an interview

How to Prepare for a Great Job Interview: 8 Practical Tips | Inc.com

There are many stages to getting a job. If you should get an invite for an interview, then it would mean that you are a step closer to getting the job. Your chances would have reduced from probably one out of the hundreds or thousands of people that applied for the job to less than 50 or even 20 that have been invited for the interview. It would be imperative for you to ensure that you are well prepared for the interview so that you do not lose the opportunity by your carelessness. Here are 5 tips to be prepared for the interview.

Go through your CV one more time
When you have gotten an invite for an interview, take the time to read your CV one more time. Be sure that you go through a single word that is written in the CV and that you will be able to defend the CV. There are also instances where there could be errors in your CV or other information that you are not aware of is on your CV. There should be no surprises for you on your CV as not being able to defend the CV you submitted could instantly mean that you have performed below expectations and lost the job.

Make sure your clothes and all the required documents are ready at least 2 days before
It would be the carelessness of the highest order to wake up on the morning of your interview only to discover that you do not have any decent cloth you can wear for the interview or that some of your documents are still not available or have not been photocopied. It is important to plan to avoid surprises. You are not even sure yet if you will be able to wake up on time for the interview, let alone if you will be able to afford the distractions of trying to start to prepare the cloth you would put on or put together documents. If you want to buy new clothes for the interview, you can take advantage of webshops, but you would have to place your orders much earlier to give the company time to deliver the products.

Read for the interview
You should study for the interview as though you are studying for an exam. Have adequate information on the role you wish to apply for in the organization. You should have also done some reading about the organization. You should know their history, objectives, and products among others. Fortunately, we can easily get such information by visiting their website and making use of the Internet. You might also want to make friends with an insider that can further answer some of your questions about the organization.

Be sure you know the route to the company
After you received your invite, be sure to check that the company is still located where they were when you submitted your application. Even though they are likely to send the address for the interview, some people can overlook the address and believe they already know the location. Hence, you should be sure you read the address on the interview invite as even if they have not moved, they might decide to hold their interview in a different location. You don’t want to get to a particular location on the day of the interview, only to be told to start going somewhere else that you are probably not familiar with.

Be timely to the venue of the interview
You should ensure that you get to the venue of the interview on time. It would be better to get to the venue 2 hours early than a minute late. Do not get involved in activities that could contribute to your not being able to make it on time to the interview like clubbing and partying the previous day. You could wake up with a hangover that would affect your performance and subsequently make you miss the interview, go late, or perform badly.