9 Creative Ways to Promote a Small Business

9 Creative Ways to Promote a Small Business


You must allocate a considerable portion of your budget to marketing if you want to operate a successful small business. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, marketing costs should account for about 8% of your total sales.

To recognize the value in where your money and time are going, you also need to understand the whys of marketing.


One of the advantages of marketing for a small business is that it may help you reach out to potential consumers and build customer trust. You can also use marketing to learn more about your target market. By promoting, you can increase sales and ensure that your brand is remembered by your target market.

Following are nine inventive strategies for promoting your small business that won’t break the bank:

  1. Use Promotional Products

Promotional products for small businesses are a tried-and-true, yet occasionally underutilized, type of promotion. Reusable bags, can coolers, and T-shirts are a few examples of promotional items that may be appropriate for your company to provide to clients. Tech accessories, hats, and mugs with your logo on them are other effective ways to promote your business.

In contrast to digital marketing, which people forget about as soon as they leave your social media ad or website, using products to advertise your brand is something that people can see and use on a daily basis.

Products are practical strategies to ensure that people are considering you.

You can also provide your employees with promotional items so they can be brand ambassadors.

2. Hold A Social Media Competition

Although using social media for marketing is nothing new, there are still innovative methods you can utilize it that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Competitions never lose their attraction because people love the thought of maybe receiving stuff for nothing. You may offer a free product package or something else in exchange for social media activity.

To increase reach, ask your followers to like, comment, share, or tag others.

3. Share Content That’s User-Generated on Social Media 

User-generated material can be used as an additional, less expensive strategy to stand out from other social media marketers. Because there isn’t the same sense of bias that comes with branded material, approximately 79% of consumers say that user-generated content has a significant impact on their purchasing decisions.

Your current customers may be encouraged to post reviews, images, and videos of themselves using your products. You can also frequently check social media to see what others have posted on their own initiative.

If nothing else, publishing user-generated material might be able to convince customers who are debating whether or not to buy from you.

4. Create Video Tutorials 

When you take the effort to create films, you can share them in many different ways and benefit greatly from them. Video marketing is effective across platforms. One strategy for producing video content is to focus on tutorials. You can provide advice on a particular subject or demonstrate how to use your items.

In addition to video reviews from happy customers, behind-the-scenes tours of your company, and co-hosted live streams, particularly with influencers from your sector, are all excellent forms of video content for promotion.

Explainer videos can resemble tutorials in several ways. It builds trust with your audience when you indirectly promote your business by imparting information or knowledge. It places you as a leading authority because you aren’t just trying for the hard sale, but you’re really providing them with value.

5. Capitalize on Topics That Are Trending

In social media marketing, trends are all about following or even creating them. Additionally, you can capitalize on current trends to market your own company.

You may, for instance, participate in forum debates that are already going on while also promoting your company. Additionally, you can leverage special occasions like holidays or yearly gatherings to advertise your company.

6. Work with Other Small Businesses

Working with other small businesses is a fantastic method to reach their audience and their motivation is increased because they will also reach yours. This may be done locally or online. There are many innovative things you can do when you work with another small firm, particularly one that shares your target market without directly competing with it. These things may end up costing you nothing or very little.

You may collaborate on a webinar or provide discounts to each other’s email lists, for instance.

7. Create a Customer Referral Program 

If you employ your present consumers in this way effectively, they can be your ultimate marketing resource.

According to a Nielsen report, 92% of consumers believe that referrals from friends and family are more useful than all other types of promotion, making word-of-mouth marketing crucial for small businesses.

A client referral program can help you boost word-of-mouth advertising and give it some structure.

Encourage your current customers, especially your devoted ones, to tell others about what they appreciate about your company. The ability to express gratitude to your current clients in this way will help to maintain their loyalty.

8. Make Infographics 

It is actually simple and quick to create many forms of marketing content, including infographics, with contemporary design tools. Because they convey a lot of information and important data in an easily consumable manner, infographics are fascinating. They may be shared and are simple to grasp by a wide audience.

You may post infographics you create on a variety of social media channels, and if your audience finds your infographic compelling enough, it might even go viral.

9. Host an Event 

Finally, think about holding an online or in-person event. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. You might just arrange a seminar or invite a speaker who has something to do with your industry. You might be able to obtain some traditional PR in the form of news articles and backlinks to your website, which is advantageous for marketing and SEO.


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