Is Reseller Hosting Right for Your Freelance Web Design Business? - Hosting

The web hosting industry began in 1969 with just 4 web hosts, and now, there are around 126 million web hosts. The industry has flourished over the years, with its roots and branches creating amazing business opportunities for individuals and businesses who wish to be part of this web hosting service in India in the form of reseller hosting.

So, if you want to be a reseller host, here are some reseller hosting tips and essentials which will help you in your reseller hosting journey.

Tips to Choose the Best Reseller Web Hosting Provider for Your Reseller Hosting Business

  • The best way to choose your web hosting for reseller business is first to go through the testimonials, reviews, and reputations of various well-known web hosting providers in the industry.
  • Then, check whether they provide a trial for their server with a money-back guarantee. Usually, reputed web hosting providers may have a money-back guarantee of at least 30 days.
  • In those 30 days, you can monitor their uptime, do speed tests and check whether their performance fulfills your expectations.
  • The most crucial aspect to consider is the kind of support the provider’s customer support offers. Go for 24/7 customer support with immediate mode such as call, live chat or mail.
  • You can ask different questions with different scenarios to define the knowledge of their customer support. Also make sure the customer support is polite and friendly for handling any escalation that may happen.

Tips to Choose Your Reseller Hosting Plan

Remember, a cheap hosting plan may not always be fruitful. When choosing a reseller web hosting plan for your reselling business, always focus on quality.

Usually, the average rate for a reseller hosting account is around $10, and for billing and management systems, it is $9.

Though there are hosting providers that offer their reseller hosting plan under $7, such plans are too good to be true. They will definitely affect your server in the long run, resulting in your uptime and overall performance.

Tips for Billing Your Reseller Hosting Customer

The best way to handle billing for customers is by opting for services like WHMCS, which offers automatic billing and management services. Such software is easy to use. You can easily create an account, send invoices to your customers and perform all essential management tasks.

This software makes your job even more manageable over time as it comes with convenient features like generating automatic reports with analytics. It can also help you get an outline of your reseller hosting business.

Whether You Should be Opting for White-Label Services?

Opting for white-label hosting is a good idea as it helps to create your own brand identity. Your hosting providers act like a helpful partner who takes care of any escalation and provides assistance with customer issues while sharing their business wisdom.

This helps you to focus on your business while making sure the server with your client is running smoothly; it is your support system in the hosting world.

Further, your business is your canvas. So you do not have any set rules to follow except for some provided by the hosting provider, which will not directly tell you how your business should be done. 


Web hosting reseller is a simple business model, which makes it an excellent choice if you want to start something of your own and achieve your dreams. Get started with your reseller hosting journey now!

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