How Does Cloud Hosting Impact Your Website’s SEO?

How does Cloud Hosting Impact Your Website SEO?

When searching online, 73% of the individuals prefer to click on organic listings. This means more than half a percentage of people prefer natural, non-sponsored results when they are hunting for stuff online. 

Hence, Search Engine Optimisation is an extremely crucial aspect that drives organic traffic to your webpage, which improves visibility on search engines. Your SEO performance depends on various factors, including your cloud hosting solution.

If you, too, are planning to buy a web hosting plan for your website it is essential to know how cloud server hosting impacts your web page SEO.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud server hosting builds complete infrastructure on the Internet; that is, the Internet is a support system that facilitates cloud communication. This means rather than keeping your website data on a single server, it is spread across various servers in different places, connecting all your data and giving you access anytime, anywhere.

Basically, the access to your website data is through a virtual machine that communicates with different servers that are spread across the cloud.

How Does Cloud Server  Hosting Impact Your Website SEO?

Cloud Hosting helps to complement your SEO efforts. Let us understand the impact of cloud hosting on SEO

  1. Builds reliability

Most hosting types use a single server to store your website data. If that server fails, your site goes down. Even with a backup, it takes time to get back online. This downtime might hurt your business and also affect your website’s reputation and SEO.

But with Cloud Hosting, your data doesn’t remain on just one server. It is spread across multiple servers. So if one server stops working, others take over, keeping your webpage up and running. Therefore, it helps your website to rank better on search engines like Google.

  1. Improves speed and overall performance

Well, we all know that a slow website can be a mood killer, and we all want fast results. Search engines, too, prefer to have a speedy website. Those websites that have good speed perform higher on search engine rankings.

Therefore, with cloud hosting, your webpage gets a speed boost because most web hosting providers include tech like content delivery network and caching, which gives your webpage a turbo boost, helping it zip through the internet.

  1. Provides a protective shield against hardware issues

In-house servers are usually hard-drive based, which can have the risk of losing data. On the other hand, when you have cloud Hosting with the latest tech, Solid State Drives saves the day. SSDs are like the superheroes of data storage – faster, more trustworthy, and kinder to the environment.

With SSD-based Cloud Hosting, the chances of your website going down due to hardware problems are reduced. It’s like having a shield against data disasters!


Having intelligent SEO planning for your website is a must, as it drives traffic to your website. When you have cloud hosting, it is an added compliment as it ensures high uptimes, reliability, and overall performance.

Further, with cloud hosting, you get the added advantage of content delivery network caching and managed services, which also helps you to improve your SEO.

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