Paloma has set the highest level of safety engineering in the gas appliance industry and still continues to strive for a much higher standard. Their products have passed the safety standards of countries like US, Japan, and Australia.

The company’s emergency plumber brisbane are 33% more efficient compared to traditional tank-type heater as they only use energy when hot water is needed, enabling you to save money and lessen your contribution the growing problem of carbon gas emission. These heaters are also built to pass the most stringent emissions rules in the nation.

The Paloma water heating unit is built to have a much longer life. Since no holding tank is used, mineral deposits are avoided. And because it is just a small piece of equipment, disposing it off in landfills contributes only a small volume.

At Paloma, safety is of the utmost priority. Paloma heater protects your family from scalding by providing a digital controller to set the hot water temperatures. And in case your water heater is set to a scalding temperature, you are still protected by the bath controller which takes priority over the main controller.

Another safety features include Incomplete Combustion Avoidance Device (ICAD) which is a sophisticated system that monitors and optimizes combustion in the firing chamber and shuts down the unit if there is a problem; Overheat Limiter Wrap which enables the unit to shut down if it melts or deformed in any way; Flame Failure Protection, a thermocouple that constantly checks the main burners and automatically shuts down the unit if any problems exist; and Anti-boil Protector, a thermistor-type temperature sensor which shuts off the unit if it detects overly high water temperature levels.

For areas with severe winters, there are Paloma Heaters provided with Freeze Protection. They are equipped with electrical heating elements to protect them from freezing conditions (including the windchill factor).