Satisfying Customer Is Supreme for Every Business


Customer Satisfaction is a measurement to review the value of a company by meeting up or overtakes the expectation of customers. This metric is an important term marked by all senior managers to report about the goals of their brand or product and services. Peter Drucker, a famous management consultant stated, “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it”. Meeting the standard of the customer’s expectation and a company’s reputation is influenced by the quality of the brand and services. For any kind of business quality is a vital part to satisfy users and retain loyalty so that they never look for alternatives.

Businesses geared up to invest in Customer Service:

Business understands the best tactic of retaining customers by making them as ‘Aim to Return’. Keeping them satisfied bring more fresh users and turns new ones into a repeat customer. Thus, businesses are willing to invest in Customer Service and drive financial performance by continuing with its ever continuous growth for the following reasons.

  • Cross-selling & up-selling increases – Many consumers are ready to pay more for experiencing the best customer service
  • Customer satisfaction improves – A satisfied buyer says about the positive experience to more than 5 people and multiplies the reach out
  • Customer retention enhances – Better customer service experience maintains customer sustainability and generates new customers.

Customer Feedback helps to develop the company:

A company presenting any services or brand must get feedback from all types of customers. Such feedbacks help to build up dynamic strategies, develop goodwill and recognize weak areas. Businesses can judge their own values by formulating periodical survey with the help of customer’s feedback. This satisfaction survey measures the baseline of user’s satisfaction and resurvey determines the result of the improvement activities. Surveys outlay very less than the expense of attracting new customers from the market.

Going directly towards yielding ‘Satisfied Customers’:

The absolute value of any service or product is a result of the quality. Quality always competes with the quantity in respect to time frame. A recent study tells that only few companies are fulfilling their buyer’s expectation in responding to a query or troubleshooting a problem within six hours. A company’s productivity is a result of the combined forces of the worker’s job engagement and satisfaction. An employer is responsible for making the employees to get involved with the work.

Treat your team well to be resourceful:

Employer’s responsibility includes motivating staff, praising their hard work, generating flexible communication, making them feel comfortable and create an excellent work environment. An education about a company’s process & product with logical training is an essential aspect for every workforce that makes a purchaser feel happy and offer better feedback about the brand or service. Herb Kelleher, co-founder of Southwest Airlines said, “Your people come first, and if you treat them right, they’ll treat the customers right.” A company’s effective training makes a worker to be courteous and responsive to customers.

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