Your customers / clients are the most valuable asset for your business. Just think a minute, where would you be without them? Your business expertise and marketing efforts are all for the final finale: receiving customers, making the sale and most importantly keeping your customers loyal and returning for your service or products & hopefully they will refer other potential customers.

However more importantly than your product, your customer service will determine if you will have a repeat customer. I remember eating at a local restaurant whose food was good but if I never ate there again, it wouldn’t be missed. But the customer service was impeccable! I felt as if I was the only customer in the restaurant. The service was the reason why I returned not the food. But what if the food was spectacular and the service was lousy, I would find another place to spend my money, somewhere that I felt valued.

I read of a story of an Office Supply Salesperson visiting a customer who had a 1 year anniversary of purchasing a copy machine from his business. The salesperson showed up at the client’s place of business with birthday cake and balloons to celebrate the anniversary of the copier. Guess what? Because of his customer service and the excitement of this activity, the client upgraded to a larger copier. Did she need it? No, probably not! But the service made her feel good and she demonstrated those emotions by becoming a repeat customer, spending more money than before. What a smart salesperson!

Here Are Some Tips To Always Provide Superior Customer Service:

Treat your customer the way that you would like to be treated.

Remember your customer’s name; everyone loves to hear their name.

Always smile even on the telephone.

Document your client’s birthday and send out personalized birthday cards.

Mail holiday cards to your customers.

Always say thank you or mail out thank you cards thanking them for their purchase.

Offer discounts & special rates for previous customers.

Ask about their kids & family, it shows you care.

Give them your undivided attention.

Over deliver on your services, include a free special bonus.

© 2007 Bridgette Boudreaux

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