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User Experience – What is UX and Why is it Important?


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User experience design is the buzzword that has taken the digital marketing world by storm. But before we dive into the process and importance of it, it is important to understand what user experience design or UX design actually means. It may seem like a ubiquitous buzzword that gets thrown around a lot during the initial years of a business, but you might not have any idea of what it really means.

To put it simply, UX design is how a user feels when interacting or navigating through your website, software, platform, or application. It entails all forms of human/device interaction.

User experience design is significantly important because it attempts to fulfill the needs of the customers. Designing a good UX design provides a positive customer experience and increases customer loyalty towards your brand and products or services. Creating a meaningful user experience enables businesses to define customer journeys that are most favorable to business success.

Even before a button is clicked, a window is maximized, or a page is scrolled, the user has already formed an opinion about the website. There is a chance that if the functionality or visuals of a website feel cluttered, any average internet user will most likely leave the website and look for the information elsewhere. This establishes the user experience of a website holds a lot of significance for a business.

In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of user experience design and how it benefits an organization.


  • Establishes Loyal Customer Base

Customer retention increases when a user feels their presence is valued and their needs are understood. When your brand creates products or services that fulfill the needs of its target audience, allows users to interact with the content provided in unique ways, identifies bottlenecks that are prone to frustrating users, and defines a customer journey map, the customer is more likely to stay loyal to the brand.

As per a survey, about 80% of customers state that they are more likely to revisit a website if it is easier to use and navigate through. This goes to show the significance of investing in user experience design to enhance brand equity.


  • Reduce Cost

Effective user experience design allows website designers to stay within the production budget and significantly save on website development costs. Whether it is the prototyping phase, research phase, usability phase, or the final implementation stage – an effective user experience design enables businesses to come up with better estimations and prevent feature creep, which saves resources and time.

As per a report, McAfee Corp., an American global computer security software company saved up to 90% on the cost after integrating a more usable and effective user experience design strategy.


  • Increases Revenue

The increase in revenue by UX designing is a result of an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate website, precise CTAs, and a reduced number of steps that are simple to follow. All this leads to the users taking the brand’s desired actions on the website that lead to conversions.

As per research, every dollar that a business spends on user experience design gives a return of up to 100 dollars. That makes the return on investment up to 9900%.

For long-established businesses, the UX design of the website is rarely ever a point of concern as they believe that their existing website is enough for them to create new leads. Every business, be it a small  brick-and-mortar business like your local grocery store or a large corporation like Hughesnet, needs to work on the UX design of their website to successfully convert the leads and increase revenue. This will help businesses stay ahead of the curve and prioritize what the user wants and expects from the brand.


Wrapping Up

By providing a good user experience to the prospects coming to your website, you not only increase the likelihood of completing conversion tasks across your product but also increase customer retention and loyalty.

A good user experience will most likely leave a lasting impression on the customers which will benefit the businesses in the long run.