Why Vice Is an Important Tool Room Equipment in Mechanical Industry?


A brief Note on Vices
A vice is an important tool in metal and woodworking applications. It holds a workpiece and desired operation are done on the workpiece. If a workpiece demands planning, drilling, sawing, etc. a vice is needed to hold the piece and it is directly attached to the workbench.
The part of vice that holds the workpiece is called Jaw. There are two jaws in any vice. One is fixed and the other moves parallel to the other. A screw mechanism fulfills the need of securing the workpiece to the bench. When the screw is tightened it makes the jaw move in towards the other. The screw is moved until both jaws tightly fasten the workpiece. Wood, plastic, or metal is used to make jaws because the different type of application needs different types of jaws.
Hand Vice (SImple Vice)
A hand vice is called so as it is made to be used in the hand. Simply designed appearance as if they are a pair of tongs.Two handles connected joined at one end, each having a jaw integrated at the other end.

Bench Vices
It is not necessary to attach the bench vice to the workbench. If the working surface table is stable we can attach the vice to either to the surface or it can be fitted to the side. A feature called Swivel is there in the vices directly attached to the top of the surface. It enables the vice to rotate as desired according to the situation. In most of the vices, there are metal jaws. It is a good practice to lining the jaw with the wood piece or similar material. It helps in protecting the integrity of the workpiece. Once jaws are worn over time they should be replaced. Some bench vices are used as anvil so as to hammer and shape the metal.
Other types of vices are also used. Which bench is needed depends on the strength of the metal or application to be performed as strength, durability, and application differ the vices.
Heavy Duty Bench Vices
The vices that are frequently used or on which heavier application can be performed are made from iron. They are also called machinists’ vice. In such vices the features are:

Saw like steel jaws,
Precision slide bar,
ACME-threaded main screw.
Heavy duty bench vice may feature a 360-degree swivel.
Medium Duty Bench Vices
These vices have steel top jaws that can be replaced. They can have pipe jaws as well. And are made of iron. There can be an anvil already built-in and may also have a 360-degree swivel.

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