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4 Postcard Marketing Tips

Why Small Businesses Use Flyers as a Marketing Tool -

Marketing using postcards is among the most successful marketing tools that any business can use.

Not only are they economical and straightforward, but when in the right hands, you can quickly get a return on your investment. Here are some postcard marketing tips you can use.

Use a Clear and Suitable Imagery

The image you use on the postcard has to get the reader’s attention and communicate your message as well. For instance, if you provide real estate services, then have a lovely home printed on the postcard. Ensure the image is clear with attractive colors that stand out. If possible, laminate the postcards. Laminated postcards are durable and resistant to damage.

Use a Clear and Bold Headline

The headline should communicate what your product or service is or what problem it solves. Avoid being abstract because a customer hardly wants to start thinking of what you could be selling. Try and use actionable headlines that attract the attention of your potential customer. For instance, save the forest by using this product. You have to say a lot using little words.

Sell Benefits Instead of Features

Customers buy the benefits of a product or a service rather than its features. When someone is buying a cleaning service, they do not buy because their house will be cleaned in 2 hours. They are buying it because it will save them two hours to focus on other tasks or spend time with the family. Therefore, depending on the product you are selling, try and incorporate the benefits and follow up with the feature.

Track The Performance of That Postcard

With any marketing tool you use, you need to track how it performs and whether you are reaching your goal. One of the ways to measure direct mail campaigns is by using distinct URLs that direct customers to pages with offers on your products.

A postcard is one of the best ways to advise your services to potential customers. Hire a good graphic designer who will produce a quality card that will stand out from your competitors and watch your business grow