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Your Web Home: What Does It Say About You?

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Imagine your website as your home. Guests can walk in at any time, judging you based on your daily living conditions. They can walk through your hallways, explore your pictures and knick knacks, and if they find it sanitary, borrow your restroom. There is no time of the day that is off limits to these visitors. They can catch you in the buff getting ready to climb in the shower or they can catch the more intimate moments of your life.
If this were your actual home you would always be on edge, right? You would always be putting things in order, finding a place for stray items, and trying to figure out what these random guests think about you and the way you live. You would essentially be on your best behavior, but with time that may slip to something closer to reality. You would adjust with the times and become used to having these random visitors wandering through your home unannounced.
Having these visitors may even come to benefit you in some manner. You might start adding new amusements to your home so they stick around longer. You may make friends with some of them and encourage them to come visit you more often. Some may practically move in as they like your life so much.
Perhaps you would start knitting blankets and selling them as your visitors come in from the cold. You could sell lemonade in the hotter months and warm socks when it snows.
All of this relates to SEO because your website is your virtual home. It is your space in the online world and your niche or general subject is your neighborhood. You want more of those random visitors (searchers) to come into your home rather than visiting the neighbors. In order to get that you need an effective SEO strategy.
SEO can do many things to ensure these visitors find your home pleasant so they like you and visit you over and over again:
• Make sure the front door can be found and is not hidden behind weeds and thorn bushes.
• Make sure the hallways are all clear so the visitors don’t trip and stub a toe before running out.
• Organize everything so visitors find the room they want and then find what they need in that room without hassle or frustration.
• Put out signs on all the corners of the neighborhood so everyone knows where to find you and what you have to offer. Whenever a new street is added into the neighborhood, they make sure a new sign is erected. If you put in something new in your home they make sure the signs reflect this added benefit to your open house.
SEO is what welcomes the visitors into your home. It is what manicures the lawn so your space looks attractive and welcoming right from the first start. It is what convinces potential visitors to give your home a chance over the many others in the surrounding neighborhood. Once they come inside, SEO is what makes sure they find everything that was promised to them when they were on the outside.
Think of your web space as your virtual home. What does it say to your visitors? Does it make them want to come back again and again?

Post Author: Suzannah Hoffman