There are a lot of real coffee lovers all over the world who don’t mind enjoying the aroma of their drink in the morning or after work. Coffee business is in high demand, and in order for visitors to choose exactly your coffee shop, it must be different from the others. The first difference that draws attention is the logo and style of the coffee shop.

In order to create a unique logo for your coffee shop that will distinguish its style, you can use the logo generator Turbologo. Here you will find many solutions for your custom logo, considering all the trends.

Due to the fact that most coffee shops are somewhat similar to each other and the competition is growing day by day, it becomes more and more difficult to come up with something new.

How to show personality in a coffee shop logo The basis of a logo

If you do not have any idea for a logo, it is recommended to analyze the coffee house market and to find out what you like and do not like about it. After that, you have to answer the question, what uniqueness will the customer get when he comes to you? Once you have the answers to these questions, you can begin to develop a logo.

  • The logo should match the interior of your coffee shop and complement it.

Think carefully about the features of your brand, choose an element that will be in the center and reflect your concept. We do not recommend choosing a cup with coffee, as this image is found in most coffee shops, your logo may merge with them and lose uniqueness. If you take the most popular coffee logo at the moment, it would definitely be Starbucks. This company has depicted on their logo a green mermaid on a white background, agree that this has nothing to do with coffee, but what a popularity it has gained. Every person who was there, definitely remembered this logo.

When creating a logo, an important role is played by the name, If your name has some unusual items, they can be used in the design of the logo. It can be anything: the sun – meaning morning, animals – symbolizing your values, any objects or something related to the area, etc.

  • Choosing a color scheme

Choosing a color scheme is the foundation of a company’s success. Generally, for a coffee shop choose warm and light colors, but given the current trends, you can choose something bright and bold. If you doubt about the combination of colors, you can ask a specialist to pick out the ideal shades. It is not recommended to mix all the colors in a bunch, one color should dominate.

  • Using fonts

At this stage, you can also experiment with the variety of fonts offered, choose the most suitable for your concept. Even the simplest font can fit perfectly into your logo and make it extraordinary. In addition to the main font, you can use all possible effects: cracks, enlargement, reduction, shards and so on. The most important thing is not to lose readability.

Signs of a quality logo:

1. Uniqueness;

2. Consistency with your concept;

3. The design should not be overwhelming in its meaning;

4. Stand out from your competitors;

5. The logo can be printed on a variety of objects and so it is worth taking these features into account.  

Try to apply these points as much as possible when choosing your logo, this will be the impetus for the creation of a successful brand.

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