Raise the Roof Fundraisers – How to Raise Money for a Slate Roof for Your Church or Nonprofit


Many times nonprofit organizations such as churches and schools are housed in historic buildings that have slate roofs. While many slate roofs can last for over a hundred years, there will come a time when the roof shingles will need to be replaced or removed. Since slate is the most expensive roofing material, the cost for a new slate roof, depending on the size, can come to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even if the replacement roof will not be made of slate the cost will still be substantial.

Of course, raising the money for a new roof can be a daunting task for a nonprofit organization. Frequently organizations need to fundraise for several years to raise enough money for a new roof or other construction project. The option of obtaining a grant from national, state, or local governments should be looked into. Sometimes one donor has the means to donate the entire amount or can set up a matching funds program.

Since slate roof shingles are so valuable they should never been hauled off to a landfill and thrown away. The old shingles can be recycled and used to help raise money for your organization.

Some of the ways to raise money with your old slate roof shingles are:

Ask the company that will be installing the new roof to buy the old slates. Often the company will do this and use the slates for another project.

Sell the used slates to slate roof recyclers or construction salvage businesses.

Sell the slates to other organizations or individuals who are in need of them for their roofing installations.

Keep some of the old slates to use in your fundraising activities.

Slate roof shingles usually have two holes drilled in them that make them great for turning into plaques. You simply attach a chain and you have a plaque or wall hanging. You can sell the slates blank, as is, or you can decorate them. If there are artistically talented people in your organization you can decorate the slate plaques in any number of ways. Or, you can have an artist in your community decorate them for you. Slates can be decorated as keepsakes for members of your organization, for example, by applying a picture of your building. Slate shingles can also be turned in clocks and other decorative items.

The pricing of your shingles will depend upon your fundraiser. If you are using them as a memento you could ask for a minimum donation in the amount of, for example, $50 or more, and give them as a gift in return for the donation.

Even if you are getting rid of your slate shingles you should try and keep some of them for fundraising. Your board of directors or fundraising team can probably do a bit of brainstorming and come up with some creative and lucrative ideas on how to use them.

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