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Tax Solutions for the married Couples

For a married couple with two children who earn an income of 40,000 euros, the reasonable amount is 3 percent. This means that only cost over 1,600 euros are taken into account.

Other expenses that can lower taxes

If taxpayers have paid too many taxes during the year, a tax return should be prepared.

Renovation costs

Have the bathrooms renovated or new tiles put in, so you can write this down on your tax return. 20 percent of the wages and travel expenses can be deducted, up to a maximum of 1,200 euros per year.

Also, tenants of an apartment should take advantage of this benefit. If these costs can be found on the service charge statement, you can also deduct them. For example, this also includes stairwell cleaning, caretaker and winter service. These expenses are household-related services. Hire affordable tax service for the best results now.

Moving costs

If working people move because of work, these moving costs can be deducted as business expenses. As a rule, a flat fee for moving costs is applied. Married couples can charge a flat rate of 1,460 euros, singles 730 euros. For example, if children are also accompanying you, you can enter another 322 euros for each additional person.

Other costs, such as trips to view the apartment or transport costs, can also be claimed, but evidence must then be attached.

A private move can also reduce taxes: 20 percent of the wage costs incurred can be deducted as household-related services.

Donations and membership fees

Donations to non-profit organizations can also be deducted from 20 percent of the total income. If the donation or membership fee is less than 200 euros, a bank statement is sufficient as proof.

  • In the event of natural disasters or similar events, higher donations can also be proven by an account statement, provided that they go to a special account.
  • Up to a maximum of 825 euros, half of donations and membership fees to or for political parties can be deducted from the tax liability.

Anyone who has donated a maximum of 100 euros can receive the tax break even without receipts. A list of the individual expenses and the recipients are usually sufficient.

Error in tax assessment: how to proceed

Expenses for cleaning assistance can be stated in a tax return

If you have submitted the tax return and the documents, you will receive the tax assessment after the examination. This will tell you whether you will receive a refund or whether you will have to pay additional taxes. However, do not just put the notification on file, but check it.

Raise an objection

If you notice an error on the tax assessment, you can file an objection. You can also use this option if you notice during the check that you have forgotten to state expenses.