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The south is one of the oldest parts of modern America and offers as much diversity between cities and states as you’ll find between countries in Europe.  From the honky tonk of Nashville to the nightlife and rapping in Atlanta, there’s a lot to take in when you head down south.

These are the most iconic cities in the southern parts of America, and that is why they’re so awesome to visit!


Atlanta has made a voice for itself as one of the best entertainment capitals in the country.  Not only is it one of the hottest filming destinations because of tax cuts, but it’s also an awesome destination for partying, dancing, and getting the best food you’ll ever try.

Atlanta has incredible southern treats, like grilled peaches and arguably the best-fried chicken in the world.  If you’re eager for a refreshing city that feels like it’s at home in the middle of a forest, it’s time to check out the Big Peach.


Although this city doesn’t feel like a southern escape to some people, it definitely is!  Orlando is an awesome resort town that has everything from Disneyland to Paramount and tons of attractions in between.

If you’re not here for the big parks, you can check out smaller fun-filled destinations like gator amusement parks, awesome restaurants, and unique hotels that allow you to feel like you’ve slipped away to paradise.

New Orleans

When you’re ready to move to a city that has music in every brick and stone, it’s time to look at New Orleans houses for sale!  This is possibly the best-known southern city on this list, and it’s in large part due to the amount of partying and celebrating that happens every year during Mardis Gras!  Although New Orleans is an old city full of literal and figurative ghosts, it’s easy to fall in love with the charm, uniquely delicious food, and awesome bars you can explore when you’re visiting.


Houston has been rated the #1 destination in the country for those who want great nightlife, and it’s no mystery why!  From the countless bars and restaurants to the incredible clubs, you’ll never have to spend a night at home bored and wondering what to do.  

Houston is also incredibly affordable, which means you can stay longer and do more than you could in many of the cities on this list.


Country music has made Nashville a star maker, but it has so much more than the incredible music scene!  From Nashville hot chicken, which is now famous worldwide, to the fun rodeo lifestyle you can find in so many bars and clubs, you’ll get to feel like you’ve walked into a theme park based in the south.  This is a fun and exciting stop for anyone.

The South Is Full of Iconic Spots

Being in the south means you get to see and experience tons of history, culture, and incredible music and food: so it’s important that you make the most out of it!  Get to know these incredible cities, and you won’t be surprised that they’re the most popular areas in the south!

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