What you should know about refurbished phones

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Mobile phones are now very important as there are many things we can achieve with them. This is especially when we go for smartphones. However, depending on how much expenses we have to cope with regularly as well as our income, getting the right smartphone can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, there are several ways that we can buy phones at a lower price. One of the best ways you can buy phones at a lower price is by buying a refurbished phone. The advantages and disadvantages of buying refurbished phones are discussed subsequently.

Advantages of refurbished phones

The major advantage of buying refurbished phones is that it is as good as though you are buying a new phone at a lesser price. Refurbished phones are majorly phones that were returned by the owners within the specified 7 days after purchase. There are a lot of reasons that could make a person return a phone. However, since they are returning the phone before they had used it for long, the phone is still as good as new. The phone might have been returned due to a fault. However, if there was a fault, the company would have fixed the fault before they subsequently bring it to the market. In some other cases, there might even be no fault at all as the person might have changed his mind, probably, a feature he was hoping the phone would have was not available and he decided to pay the compensation and opt for a different model of smartphone. When they are returning the phone, they are expected to return the phone alongside everything that was on the phone when they purchased it. This includes the original charger, the earpiece, the casing and any other accessory that was shipped along with the phone. However, since the phone has been opened or used for a few days by someone else before it is returned, the prices of the refurbished phone are also slightly reduced. Thus, with a refurb phone, you are getting an almost completely used phone at a lower price than other people will buy for getting a new phone. Apart from the accessories, the warranty of the phone will also apply, implying that you can get up to a 1-year warranty when you buy a refurbished phone.

Disadvantages of refurbished phones

The only major disadvantage of buying a refurbished phone is that you won’t be the first person to open the carton of the phone or operate the mobile phone. It would have been used by someone else for a few days. However, I believe this is not a priority when you are buying a phone, especially when you want to buy at a lesser price. In a few cases, the problem the initial owner had might not have been properly fixed. Fortunately, you would also be able to return the phone for it to be replaced or for the problem to be solved. Thus, the disadvantage of buying a refurbished phone is very minimal considering the much more advantages.